Logset Harvester parts

Logset Harvester parts
Thickness 10-70mm
Steel grade S355J2+N, Optim500ML and Optim650MC
Plasma and flamecutting
Chamfers have been made with bevel plasmacutting
The thickest bending detail is t25, Optim500MC
Some parts have been shotblasted
The project includes drilling of holes and machining

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Metest Metall OÜ was founded in 2006. At first the company operated on rented premises in the town of Tõrva. Nowadays, Metest Metall OÜ conducts its production process in Karksi-Nuia, Viljandi county, in a new modern production facility with more than 4700m² of production area. From the beginning, the company has invested in modern technology and qualified personnel. We would like to contribute to the development of your company by providing the latest technology, speedy service, efficient production and the best prices and quality.

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