Welded beams

As subcontractors we offer our customers welded beams for building industry. Our process has been constructed in a way that enables in-line production of beams and profiles. We use new welding portal with 4 welding heads for main welds and finish the welds by manual welding to give the process flexibility.

Our in-line production process is suitable for producing beams over 18m long. We have also invested in plate joining technology to be able to reach bigger dimensions of our products.

Among other welded beams we produce:

WQ, HSQ, H, SBS beams

MKC, NSC and other profiles

To ensure sustainability of our product, we have equipped our production line with shot-blasting. Wet paint is been applied after surface treatment to ensure fulfillment of customer requirements.

About the company

We love to contribute to the development of your company by providing the latest technology, fast service, efficient production and the best prices and quality. We are constantly developing our technology and production capacity, focusing on the needs of our customers. We offer optimum solutions to our customers to help them achieve their aims. The company has put into practice ISO9001, ISO14001, EN1090-1, EN1090-2 and ISO3834-3 part 3 – EXC3. Certification took place in September 2018.

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