About Us

Metest group

From humble beginnings in 2006, Metest opened for business,  operating from rented premises in the town of Tõrva.

Our business of metal processing , cutting & bending, fulfilling a requirement of pre-fabricated materials to metal working companies who did not have their own in-house technology. 

Growth of the business meant investment & expansion. We out grew our rented premises and moved to our current factory in Karksi-Nuia near the town of Viljandi in 2009.  Taking advantage & sticking to simple principles of doing what we do best, allowed us to expand our client base to more and more export clients & various business sectors. 

We boast clients in Sweden, Finland Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, suppling products to industries like construction, shipbuilding, agricultural, energy & bulk handling.  We supply to original OEMs to small fabrication shops. 

Metest Group was formed in 2016 after the creation of Metest Steel OÜ,  seizing an opportunity in the market place for the supply of special welded beams into the construction industry.

Metest Metall OÜ

The Original Metest opened its doors for business in 2006,  offering to the market pre-fabricated  parts from steel plate, Laser, plasma and flame cutting & bending. The services have evolved over time, but our core business still remains that of cutting & bending.  Our machinery pool has increased over the years not only to keep up with demand but also smart investments into additional technologies in support of our current & future clients. 

Metest Steel OÜ

In 2017 the second part of the group started trading, Metest Steel OÜ.  Using our skills from Metest Metall, suppling quality cut & bent steel parts, we realized an opening within the contract sector for specialty welded beams according recognized building standards, beams like HQ, HSQ, WQ, I & MeC.  Investment not only in equipment but in people & infrastructure. 

How we started in 2006
Where we are today

Our Values

  • Time – Speed in executing inquiries & orders is what sets us apart from others,  giving our clients the confidence and satisfaction in our service which keeps them returning. 
  • Customer – We take the pain & stress away from our customer by offering them the optimum solution for hassle free purchase
  • Environment – Our Environment is an important resource which should be  protected & respected.  Metest Group do all we can in reducing the impact of our activities on the Environment,  this includes minimizing waste, recycling scrap & powering our production with electricity from Solar Panels.
  • Quality – Quality is a key to success but success should not come at the expense of quality. The management of Metest Group ensure & drive that all aspects of the business & employees understand the importance.
  • Person – Employees are the key to any successful business.  Listening, upskilling & regular training is an invaluable investment, at the same time understanding that employees are just people, our friends our family.

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