Installation ready MeC beams can be delivered from our factory to needed destination.

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Our internal equipment pool allows us to produce beams much longer & with thicker materials than other suppliers, this can lead to the reduction in the need for on-site welding.

We are able to produce MeC-beams  (also known as NSC-profile) with thickness up to 15mm and length of 12 000mm. More detailed information can be found in our MeC katalogue.

MeC Catalogue

Corrosion protection is an important part for long term sustainability of the product. Metest Steel is able to offer a variety of surface treatments according  customer requirements or the requirements according EN 1090-1.

The production line is equipped with an automation shot blasting machine & wet painting can be applied according corrosion protection requirements.

We can also offer fire proof painting, please contract us for more information.



Technical specifications

MeC Beams (also referred as NSC profiles) are only produced using steel grade S355 (S355MC or S355J2) according EN10025-2.

Beam length without plate joining 6000 mm
Max beam length with plate joining 12000 mm
Thickness of steel plate 8-15 mm
EN-1090 Execution class EXC1 - EXC3



Production capacity - up to 350 tons per month



More than 15 years experience in the metal industry makes us a prefect partner of choice.



40% of the energy used in our production comes from renewable resource


Certified for EN-1090 ECX1-EXC3 ISO3834-3 since year 2019


It’s safe to say that not just for cutting & bending services, the whole purchase experience is complete & hassle free. Metest should be very proud of its workers & management team. As a customer I would recommend them 100%.

Mr. M Guppy Sales Manager, SIA ERCON-RM


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