Welded beams

Installation ready welded beams can be delivered from our factory to needed destination.

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We are specialized in production of welded steel beams. Our in-line production process is able to produce all types of welded beams that are used in construction or steel industry.

We use semi-automatic high quality MIG/MAG welding machines to perform all manual welds to fulfill specific demands of our customers.
For longer welds we have a welding gantry that is capable of welding up to 18m long continuous welds with 4 simultaneous welding heads.
To provide flexibility in our product range, we have also equipment for plate welding where we can join steel plates to reach longer lengths of our products.

Here are some of typical welded beams produced in our factory.

  • HQ-beam
  • HSQ-beam
  • H-beam
  • SBS-beam

To ensure sustainability of our product, we have equipped our production line with shotblasting machine. Wet paint is been applied after surface treatment to ensure fulfillment of customer requirements. Environmental class C3M can be achieved in our own process. Higher demands can be reached with help of our sub contractor.

We can provide following solutions to surface treatment.

  • Base paint layer
  • Base paint layer / Final paint layer
  • Base paint layer / Fire protective paint layer/ Final paint layer

Corrosion protection is an important part of supply  please inquire with us about your requirements.


Technical specifications

To ensure the best production flow, our production facility & extension was planned to give the most effective working flow for the best efficiency enabling us to maintain high standards of service & Quality

Max beam length without plate joining 12 000 mm
Max beam length with plate joining 21 000 mm
Max beam height 1 000 mm
Max beam width 800 mm
EN-1090 Execution class EXC1 - EXC3
Highest certified steel grade s500
Preraise possibility Yes
Steel plate joining capability Yes



production capacity - up to 350 tons per month



More than 15 years experience in the metal industry makes us a prefect partner of choice.



40% of the energy used in our production comes from renewable resource


Certified for EN-1090 EXC1-EXC3 ISO3834-3 since year 2019


It’s safe to say that not just for cutting & bending services, the whole purchase experience is complete & hassle free. Metest should be very proud of its workers & management team. As a customer I would recommend them 100%.

Mr. M Guppy Sales Manager, SIA ERCON-RM


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