Beams for building industry

Costruction of new factory started

Scale of the new factory is starting to show.

Metest both companies (Metest Metall OÜ and Metest Steel OÜ) are operating currently in one building where the communication between both companies is seamless. This is very important as one company is the main supplier of steel parts to the other. Steel traceability is one factor that is very easily taken care of and information flow is rapid. This will remain the same as our new facility will be located on the same premises.

Metest Steel operations will move to new facility in the beginning of 2025.

Metest Group

Metest Group consists of 2 companies

  • Metest Metall OÜ was established year 2006. The company is focused on steel plate cutting and bending.
  • Metest Metall OÜ was founded in 2017 and is focused on further development of Metest Group. The company will be offering installation ready welded beams for building industry starting year 2019.

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